28 July 2018

As Yeter Makina We Hosted MKEK and Jordan Delegation

We hosted MKEK and their Jordanian defense sector representatives delegation within their program in Yeter Makina.

During their visit we made Yeter Makina company presentation with our catering service. They were informed regarding our special solutions for defense industry. After the presentation, delegation reviewed an example of our defense sector solution as an ongoing project, and they gave full marks to machine.

In addition, delegation was informed about our white appliances, automotive, food, medical and general industry solutions such as;

  • Special purpose machines
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • Mechanical systems
  • Product lifelong testing systems.

Both MKEK and Jordan committee reviewed examples of our solutions below. After review, delegation visited Yeter Defense and Aviation Company which is our group member. They were informed about work-flow and working principle about defense industry solutions which are offered by Yeter Defense and Yeter Makina.

On the other hand, the group was informed about Ostim Industrial Zone and its capacity for general industry and defense industry. After they accepted our gift a family picture was taken. The delegation expressed their satisfaction about the visit, they left our facilities.

As Yeter Makina, we offer solutions in the fields of defense industry and general industry in line of “indigenization” target. To reach this target, we strength our international relations.

Let us do it for you.



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