The machine has been manufactured to perform primer inserting and pinning operations of cases for gun shells and pistol cartridges automatically. Upon customer’s request, it can be produced for various type of calibres such as 9mmx19 / 5,56 mmx45 / 7,62 mmx51 / 7,62 mmx39. It is produced in accordance with Atex Zone 2.

Technical Specifications; 
Unfolded boxes are fed to box folding unit by the operator. The box folding unit forms the boxes automatically and feed them to transferal conveyor. After formation of the empty boxes, regularity check is carried out by means of camera. The inputs are fed from a bunker with 50.000 pieces capacity to the bench with the help of a conveyor. According to their positions, the inputs are lowered via two different feeding channels by means of feeding wheel and transferred to filling unit by a conveyor sequentially.

After completion of filling process, the box is closed and regularity of the closed box is checked by using a camera. Following the weight control, convenient products are directed to output of the machine, while defective ones are diverted to rejection unit.

Net Production Capacity: 
220 pieces / min.

MKEK Gazi Small Ammunition Factory

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