Grooving, Final Length Cutting and Chamfering Machine

The machine has been manufactured to perform grooving, final length cutting and chamfering operations of cases for gun shells and pistol cartridges automatically. Upon customer’s request, it can be produced for various type of calibres such as 9mmx19 / 5,56 mmx45 / 7,62 mmx51 / 7,62 mmx39.

Technical Specifications;
The inputs are fed from a bunker with 50.000 pieces capacity to the bench
with the help of a conveyor. According to their positions, the inputs are lowered via processing channel by means of feeding wheel and directed in both directions. Thereby, processing of the cases are carried out. Processed cases are automatically removed via the output conveyor. The brass chips that come out during operations are automatically ejected by a different conveyor.

Net Production Capacity:
110 pieces / min.

MKEK Gazi Small Ammunition Factory

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